In my last blog post, we discussed using a hobby to make an extra income during retirement. This can be a make or break situation for many retirees without enough money set aside to retire comfortably. Unfortunately, more and more seniors are needing to work during retirement to make ends meet. Why not work for yourself? Better yet, why not use a hobby you enjoy to make that extra money?

If you are considering making money from your hobby during retirement, you may question just how valuable your hobby may be. Well, odds are, you have more than one hobby. You may even have a hobby that you don’t realize you can make money from. For example, you may enjoy finding your ancestry and looking for long-lost relatives in your family tree. That hobby can be turned into your own genealogy business you run from home. There are many people wanting to know more about their ancestry, so you can help them learn more about their family tree while making money.

Do you love crossword puzzles or other problem-solving games? If so, you may be skilled at helping others solve their problems and start their own small businesses that are profitable. Maybe you like coming up with new product ideas. If so, find a problem that you see many people face and brainstorm an idea to help solve that problem. Some of the smallest inventions have made a large impact throughout this world. All it took was someone taking the time to look for a solution to an everyday problem. Perhaps that person is you!

Take a close look at your hobbies and things that you do well. They may not fit into a traditional small business idea, but it’s important to think outside the box to find a hobby you can make money from. Once you find that match that you can market, you can start your own small business doing something you enjoy.